Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Put the Moms in Charge!

He IS a feminist! Hooray!

Yesterday, Obama held one of his in-but mostly-famous town hall meetings with a group of 100 students in Istanbul, Turkey. The last question had something to do with Israeli-Palestinian relations and burried in his long winded response was this little pearl: "If we just put the mothers in charge, things would get resolved." Not surprisingly, this feminist concept was couched in the supposedly feminine language of qualifiers: "Sometimes, maybe, I think, etc," but clear away all that mealy mouth crap and you've got what I think is a very progressive ideal that applies to A LOT more than Israel and Palestine.

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robbbo said...

you may also want to check out the comments by Liberia's president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is the first female president in Africa. She is of the belief that much of the strife in Africa would end if there were more female leaders. And like we discussed at our last lunch, and I hope I am remembering her comments correctly, she remarks that being a mother may have a strong impact on her feelings. I forget exactly where I saw the interview of her, but with your YouTube capabilities, I am quite sure you can find it.