Friday, April 19, 2013


Hassle-free Home Movies and Video Archival

Amateurs have been filming since always, but never before has video archival been so prevalent and accessible, and never before have our time and attention been in such high demand.
Born and raised on a Panasonic point-n-shoot, my service is for anyone who wants to capture and share the moments and movement of life without having to spend an eternity in front of the computer, and without having to pay the high price of “professional” videography.

Video Scrapbook Sample:
Birthday Afternoon in Balboa Beach, CA

No occasion is too small.
Baby showers, family get-togethers and reunions,
day-in-the-life montage, travel... 
Try a video scrapbook of your family photo shoot!
Or in addition to, throughout the year.

Perfect for birthday parties, parties of all kinds, actually. We love to party! 
If you want to remember it, I can film and edit it.
(No weddings.  Sorry.)

For easy sharing with friends and loved ones, videos can be posted on line
and/or purchased on DVD as the ultimate personalized gift. 

  • $50 session fee, up to two hours
  • In a hurry?  Scrapbooks can be filmed in less than 30 minutes!
  • $20 each additional hour (plus travel expenses if beyond 30 miles from Long Beach, CA.)
Note: The actual number of minutes filmed will vary depending on the event and the intended purpose of the footage.

  • Video Scrapbooks on DVD: $150 up to 4 minutes (you provide the music)
  • Additional DVDs: $10 each
  • Custom soundtracks: $100 and up
  • On-line sharing: free on YouTube, with your permission...
  • Raw video clips on CD: $25
"A Valentine for You" from Paris

Got footage but no time to review and edit? 
We can do that.  Contact us at Vlogosophy at gmail dot com.

*Are you a poet, musician or some other kind of performer?  Let's collaborate!
See previously featured artists here:  Vlogosophy on YouTube

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